Why Us?

Hazara Hills Academy has been the driving force behind education in Abbottabad since 1996. It was founded with a vision to provide high quality education. We distinguish ourselves because of

Best BISE Results

Our students always achieve A+ and A grades in Board Of Intermediate & Secondary Education.
Last year we had 100% success ration in BISE Annual Examination.


We have a standardized curriculum. Our schooling not only consists of books but we have our unique subjects which focus on practicals, leadership qualities, humanity, and patriotism.


The base of our all schooling methods is "Practicality". We believe Practicality brings a life long learning. Whatever we teach we praticaly demonstrate it, whether its science, human or civic behavior.

20+ Years

Our School was established in 1996. Its been 20+ years educating and our top management consists of country's leading educationists with 30+ years of experience. We know what schooling means!


Our approach is student centric and we focus on each and every child indicidually. We check the aptitude of an individual child and set a course of learning unique for him as per his abilities and areas of interest.


We not only use the latest technology for providing education, we also introduce our students to all the latest technology and teach them how they can utilize technology for their benefit and benefit of human kind.


We not only teach secondary languages but we also teach how to effectively communicate in different languages. Our medium of instruction is English but our students effectively communicate in English, Urdu, their mother tongue and any language of choice.


We consider character building an integral part of education. By character building we don't mean being nice. Our character building is focused on leadership, confidence, courage, Exemplary civic behavior, etiquettes and manners.


Our system continuously update parents about mental, physical and moral growth of their child. We continuously update our methods, curriculum and technology to the latest trends. We always keep in touch with international schools for latest trends.