Hazara Hills Academy is a well known educational institute of Abbottabad established in 1996. Hazara Hills Academy is commited to provide best education along with emphasis on Science, I.T and Islamic Education. Hazara Hills Academy is a part of Advanced Education System.


The mission begin in 1996,the mission was to provide standard education with emphasis on Islamic, modern, scientific, modern, scientific computer science and physical education at extremely low fee. To start our services we rented a building in Abbottabad and launched our first phase.”A standardized Middle school”.


We opened a campus at a remote area of Abbottabad with a very low literacy rate. Ali Asghar Campus started its operation and we provided people with free standardized Education.


Our students appeared in SSCI Exam and passed it with exceptional marks. We were eager to spread the light of education in backward areas Of Pakistan. We started it from Abbottabad.


Our students proved & recognized themselves as students of one of the best institutes of Abbottabad, after which the feedback was amazing. Due to increase in strength we moved to our present location, “The Dr Najaf campus”.


At main campus/ headquarters we launched SBC(Students Betterment Council) in 2003 to assist the needy and poor students with free education, books, uniform etc.


Our Technology institute Advanced computer technologies & Studies centre resumed its operations and we launched professional computer courses & coaching classes. Now we are giving standard secondary education through AIPS, Najaf & Ali Asghar Campus helping poor and needy through SBC, Spreading Technical education through ACTSC.


With an internal notification on 24th March 2011, Hazara Hills Academy was divided into three sections.

  • Hazara Hills Pre-School
    [Playgroup, Nursery, K.G, 1st]
  • Hazara Hills Junior School
    [1st to 7th]
  • Hazara Hills Academy
    [8th to 10th]

This division was for better management, education and assessment of students. Now all three sections independently operate under Hazara Hills Academy Head Office.


In 2018, we moved to a new purpose built building.


We offer a broad education, in English, an education that promotes excellence in all academic activities.

It is our mission to enhance the educational, social and physical development of our students encouraging them to think analytically and creatively in preparation for the next stage of their education. We provides a safe yet challenging environment that develops in students an inter-cultural sensitivity and responsibility towards the people and environment of our local and global community.
20 Plus years in Education
30% Students with A+ Grades In BISE Exam
20% Students with A Grades In BISE Exam